Real Estate Photography

Most homes take approx. 90 minutes to photograph.  Please allow more time for larger homes.

Prices Based on Size of Home


For home under 1,000 square feet

Home from  1,000 - 3000 square feet



Current Promotion


Home from  3,000 square feet & up

Email for Price


Take off $40 on homes above 1,000 square feet

All Real Estate Photoshoots Include

A minimum of 25 photos of the inside and outside of the house

A short animated slideshow video with property description

Please click button below to see example:

A property listing flyer in PDF format


Subdomained*  webpage with hi-resolution photos and video

* webpage is provided for a length of one year *

for an extra $25 your own addressed domain  *

A minimum of 2 drone aerial photos  & a short drone aerial video of home and/or property

if single family home and above 1,000 square feet. 

Drone photo & video subject to weather, location and FAA restrictions.    Some areas are FAA no fly zones.  

Commercial Photography

For commercial properties, vacation rentals, apartment/house rentals, or for other commercial photoshoot inquiries, please email me with your scope of work for a quote.