Baltimore & surrounding areas real estate photography

“You don't take a photograph, you make it.”

- Ansel Adams

My name is Tom.  Tom Z Photography was started to deliver HIGH quality real estate photography at a reasonable price. One of the main goals is to help both agents and homeowners sell their listings quickly and as close to the listing price by creating photos that appeal to buyers. As an avid soccer player, I love competition and helping others succeed, and quality real estate photographs are a significant tool that can be used to thrive in such a competitive industry.

​Too many real estate listings become stagnant due to average point-and camera photos. Tom Z Photo strives to create appealing photos by taking the time to find better angles and seamlessly combine a flash or even multiple flashes with ambient lighting so potential buyers not only see how the inside and outside of a home appears, but can also imagine what living there would feel like.
​If you are seeking a real estate photographer in the Baltimore, Annapolis and surrounding area with reasonable rates, then I invite you to contact Tom Z Photography for an estimate. Remember, when you choose Tom Z Photography, you can rest assured that quality will always exceed quantity to achieve better quality shots of these crucial areas of a listing.

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